Otto is currently involved with:

Jaipur Junction, an international collaboration founded by Otto de Jong and Sarita Rav (IND).

Litzberg, an Utrecht based indierock band. Songs and improvisations.


In the past Otto worked with:

Lorrainville, an all-star band from The Netherlands, founded by producer Guido Aalbers. Won an Edison Award in 2013.

Amber Arcades, stage name of Annelotte de Graaf and international touring indiepop band from The Netherlands.

Ode to the Quiet, eclectic art-rock from The Netherlands. Otto is co-founder/drummer/producer.


...and other artists including Philip Xander, Mirror Matter, Kitty Kitty Tuna, Sahil Bahl, Jeditah, Knalland, Tommy Ebben, Casper Adrien, Marc van Vught, Unterwelten, Swelter and many others.